When we're developing sites, in addition to web design, page layout, programming and configuring a web server, we pay special attention to the analysis of the customer's field of activity, his target audience and the formation of a detailed Terms of Reference. As a result, we achieve the best results at every stage of web development and get the most effective and understandable IT product specifically for the target users.

Site types


Landing Page

Sites, the purpose of which is to quickly sell a product or service, are also suitable for collecting contact information or forming a customer base to quickly launch sales.


Brochure Website

Complete information about the company, including a list of services, news, terms of cooperation, etc.


eCommerce Website

A catalog of goods or services with prices and the ability to place orders online. Integration with various systems such as 1C-accounting, import of goods and other modules.


Web Portal

An important difference between portals is the presence of additional services (forums, media services, chats, file storage and transfer services, etc.).

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